Cto Active Carbon Block Filter Cartridge Making Machine

CTO active carbon block filter cartridge making machine use extruding and heating active carbon material and adhesive together, then extrude into carbon filter cartridge. Our carbon filter cartridge machine use special ratio feeding system, extruding system and cooling system, produce carbon filter cartridge more hard, more smooth surface and absorbent function better...Our machine is easy to start and automatic working, will save labor cost for customers...Active Carbon block Filters contain compressed coal or coconut shell activated carbon, this structure allows for prolonged contact with water, larger filtration area more can be revealed the higher adsorption capacity for odor, sediment, chlorine, taste, certain pesticides, benzene and other organic compunds .

Product Details

CTO Active Carbon Block Filter Cartridge Making Machine Introduction


Machine Features

Carbon filter cartridge machine technology date

1pc/min(base on 10*2.5inch)

(Can not use water cooling the carbon cartridge directly,this will wet the cartridge,easily mildew and pollution)

Adding alert system to monitor the whole production line

Each part produced by famous company.ABB,OMRON,SCHNEIDER...

Voltage: 3P/380V/50Hz     1P/220V/50Hz

Rated power: 16.45KW

Actual power: 8kw

Raw material: Active Carbon(Granule) and PE Glue(Powder)

            Active Carbon percentage is 88%-90%.the other is     10%-12%.


Inner diameter: 10mm-80mm(default 39 or 40mm)

Outer diameter: 20mm-120mm(default 62mm)

Length: 5’’,10’’,20’’,30’’,40’’.............100’’

Machine weight: 1Ton

Mark:One extruder just make one kind of inner diameter and outer diameter.If you want to do other diameter(≤65mm), need to replace barrel and screw,if diameter beyond 65mm,advise big extruder is better.


★ Professional Factory Supply Advanced Technology

★ Fully auto working, no need people operation, save cost.

★Good components using OMRON,SHECNEIDER,ABB...

★High production capacity and low electricity consumption, for customer save cost and get higher profit

★Machine can produce different quality coal or coconut CTO active carbon filters 

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