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Air filter flow characteristics influencing factors and motorcycle use reasons

Aug 15, 2018

Filter the air filter in this one, because it has a wide application, and in many industries and fields as you can see this kind of filter, so it is necessary to thoroughly familiar with and understanding, so as to achieve the correct operation of the product and at the same time, to obtain a good using effect, in turn, play the role and function of the filter, best advantage rather than waste.

1. Can the super-efficient filter of air filter be used in the high-level clean room?

Air filters can be reclassified, so there are specific types, such as ultra-efficient air filters, which can be shortened to ultra-efficient.This air filter can be used to remove dust particles smaller than 0.1um in the air, so it is generally used as the terminal filter in the air conditioning purification system.In addition, she can be used in a high grade clean room, and is the terminal purification equipment that must be used in the clean room.

2. Air filter flow characteristics influencing factors

The flow characteristic of air filter refers to the relationship curve between the air flow through the filter and the pressure drop at both ends of the filter under a certain pressure.In terms of selection, it should be carried out within the range of pressure loss less than 0.03MPa, so as to guarantee the good use effect of the filter.In terms of influencing factors, it is the two types of filter cores used for the filter body and filter.

3. Why is air filter an indispensable device for creating clean air environment?Why do hepa filters smell?

This is because the use of air filter can make indoor clean air and remove dust particles in the air, so it is said that it is an indispensable equipment to create an air clean environment.And the high efficiency filter has the peculiar smell, is for its fastening the glass fiber filter material AB glue gives off the smell, however, under normal circumstances, when the filter starts up several seconds, will disappear.

Why do motorcycles have to have air filters?

If there is no air filter on the motorcycle, there will be some adverse effects: the motorcycle engine power is seriously insufficient, the motorcycle fuel consumption is increased, problems in the use of the vehicle and the vehicle temperature is too high.Therefore, air filters must be used to avoid these problems.