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Application Analysis of Meltblown Cartridge Filter Products and Related Information and Distinction

Feb 07, 2018

The filter machine, which is mainly used to make the manufacture of filter, and if, the manufacture of its meltblown filter, then, this kind of filter can be called meltblown filter machine. Well, since the type of filter machine mentioned, and its products meltblown filter in some areas or industries have a wide range of applications, the following, may wish to make a good understanding to understand, so that we can have the correct understanding of the meltblown filter machine .


1. Meltblown filter production meltblown filter, whether it can be used in the strong acid and alkali filter?

Meltblown filter core production meltblown filter, the main scope of application, is for the purification of water filtration, in addition, can also be used in the strong acid and alkali organic solvent filtration, because, this kind of filter has a very good Chemical compatibility. Therefore, it is resistant to acid and alkali and organic solvents corrosion.


Meltblown filter machine produced meltblown filter, the filter accuracy, whether it can have different levels? And, what is the range of pH values used?

Meltblown filter machine, which is mainly used to produce meltblown filter, and in this filter a filter accuracy, according to different requirements, can be different levels, of which 1um, 3um, 5um, 10um, 20um, 30um And 60um these seven, is more common and commonly used. In the applicable range of pH, it is 1-13.


Meltblown filter equipment, meltblown filter machine and PP meltblown filter machine is the same?

Meltblown filter equipment, in terms of its attributes, is a filter device. In the specific type of meltblown filter equipment, there is a common meltblown filter and PP meltblown filter points, and its corresponding equipment, for the meltblown filter machine and PP meltblown filter machine. Although they look similar in name, but in the specific aspects of raw materials, etc., is not the same, so this is two different devices.


4 meltblown filter machine related information, including what? Is it possible to automate operation and operation?

Meltblown filter machine related information, mainly its manufacturers, product prices, product models, product images and origin, as well as these brands, etc., and these are in the product purchase must be taken into account, one can not Missing. This kind of filter core machine can realize the automatic operation and operation, so as to improve the working efficiency of the equipment.