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Application field and sanitary requirement of PP string wound filter cartridge machine

Jan 09, 2019

PP string wound filter cartridge machine in the use of fully comply with the health requirements, to a certain extent can be acid, alkali and organic capacitors, widely used, winding filter core machine hair removal treatment, no bubble, avoid secondary pollution, low cost, is the ideal filter material for electroplating, according to different size particles can choose different filtration precision. 

Application field of winding filter element machine

1. Microelectronics: electroplating solution, cleaning solution, chemicals and solvents

2. Water treatment industry: RO system, seawater desalination, tap water pre-filtration

Food materials: soft drinks, alcohol, cooking oil, bottled water

4. Petrochemical industry: oilfield water injection, fine chemical industry, acid and alkali solvent

5. Biomedicine: pre-filtration of eye drops, medicine, etc

6. Ink coating: ink, printer, paint, coating

Winding filter machine in the production of wire wound filter is a kind of deep filter element, is used for low viscosity, low quality of hybrid filter, is made of textile fiber line (polypropylene line, degreased cotton thread, etc.), according to the specific process of precision winding in the porous skeleton (polypropylene and stainless steel) made above, with thin dense honeycomb structure, can effectively remove the suspended solids in the fluid, particles, rust and other sundry, has the very good filtering characteristics.www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com