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Application of filter element clapper

Jul 13, 2020

The working door of the filter element clapper with safety devices to ensure safe operation. The filter plate clapper saves energy and is easy to operate and maintain. The inner and outer shells of the filter plate clapper are made of high-quality stainless steel, and are polished to prevent damage to clothing. The debugging process of the filter clapper is also an inspection process of the washing company's ability to coordinate and cooperate with various energy supply facilities. Although various energy supply facilities have been inspected and tested after the installation and connection are completed, the "joint combat capability" of each system can only be reflected during the commissioning of the filter element clapper. However, the resulting washing effect is not ideal, so it is recommended to add an appropriate amount of caustic soda while adding strong washing powder. After adding this substance, you can ensure better removal of grease from the fabric. But when adding caustic soda, we must pay attention to the appropriate amount. The machine uses a three-phase asynchronous motor or a speed-regulating motor (washing and dyeing machine) as the driving power. When the power is turned on, the power indicator lights, the three-position switch controls the jog, stop, automatic, and the jog position The moving indicator light is on, and the door can be moved by jogging.