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Application of filter element clapper

Jul 15, 2020

Filter element clapper (lower suspension)-Industrial washing equipment has automatic devices, which can choose the washing cycle, cleaning times, dehydration time and other advantages. Large-scale industrial washing machinery equipment petroleum dry cleaning machine-specially used for petroleum dry cleaning machine, there are two types of steam type and heating type. Large drum, large door design, fast drying speed, more convenient for taking clothes. Computer control, high degree of automation, easy operation, and clear washing procedures. At low time, even less than 2 kg pressure. The filter clapper is suitable for washing cotton, wool, chemical fiber, silk and other clothing fabrics. The filter clapper can be used for washing denim and silk clothing in garment factories. The filter plate clapper is suitable for hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, factories and other fields to meet the requirements of large-capacity laundry. Before ironing the fabric, first clean the surface of the ironing machine drum, then wipe the surface of the drum and all parts of the machine with a soft cloth to ensure that the equipment is clean.