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Application of unique performance of meltblown fabric extruder equipment

Jun 17, 2020

The unique properties are widely used in mask filter materials, thermal insulation filling materials, medical sanitary materials, wiping materials, etc. The finished product as the core material of the mask can pass the N95 standard on the basis of high quality, high-speed, high-output extrusion low temperature plasticization design  Concept, to ensure the two-stage overall design of the extrusion of high-quality products, strengthen the plasticizing function, ensure the adjustment of the high-efficiency extrusion special barrier, BM comprehensive mixing design, ensure the mixing effect of the material, high torque output, extra large thrust bearing gear,  The shaft is made of high-strength alloy steel, carburized, gear-grinded with high hardness, high finish, and ultra-low noise PLC intelligent control, which can realize the linkage between the main and auxiliary machines. The man-machine interface is easy to monitor, and it is convenient to understand the processing and mechanical status.  Change the control method.