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Automatic control system and structural requirements for string wound filter cartridge machine

Jan 07, 2019

In the process of operation, the string wound filter cartridge machine is mainly used in the fields of grease, electronics, environmental protection, pharmaceuticals, etc., and can be wound with different requirements of yarn and wire-wound filter special molding machine during operation. The string wound filter cartridge machine has the characteristics of high speed, good yarn forming, full line stop, fast line change and low energy consumption.

The string wound filter cartridge machine adopts a melt-blown process during production, and the melt-blown ultrafine fibers are formed into a coreless continuous infinitely long cylinder through a special receiving device. By adjusting the process combination, the fiber diameter can be made in the radial direction of the core barrel. And the density changes to obtain a deep filtration product of various filtration properties.

The string wound filter cartridge machine is effectively equipped with a fully automatic control system. It can continuously produce filter elements of various specifications during operation. It is very simple and convenient to operate, high output, high efficiency, long service life of the machine. Speed control system, low power consumption, low loss, good product quality, stable performance, high filtration accuracy. The radial multi-layer structure of the filter element is realized to achieve the layered filtering effect of the filter element.