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Brief introduction of filter folding machine

Jul 07, 2020

Brief description of the filter folding machine: 1. This machine is composed of the machine base, the feeding table, the discharging table and the reaction force device, the body transmission part and the upper pressure plate lifting device. 2. The function of the machine base is to install the motor and the machine body 3. The feeding table includes a pressing roller and the like, which is used to make the material to be folded flat and fed vertically into the folding machine. 4. The function of the discharge table and the reaction force device is to collect and squeeze the folded corrugations to make them tightly arranged. Filter folding machine specifications: 1. Filter paper passing width: 2000 mm. 2. Folding height range: 8-55mm. 3. Large folding speed: 800 folds/min. 4. Large folding linear speed: 9m/min. (Different according to product folding height) 6, preheating power: 6KW7, temperature control range: normal temperature -200 degrees.