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Briefly introduce the maintenance measures and characteristics of spun filter cartridge machine

Nov 22, 2017

For spun filter cartridge machine at the time of maintenance, before the change, that is, to pay attention to put off the original hydraulic oil first, check the next time the oil filter, oil filter, then there is the forerunner filter, see if it will be accompanied by iron copper scrap or other impurities, fiber has the impurity on the filter device, that is because hydraulic components failure, given that, when we after repair troubleshooting, remember to clean the system


For pp filter of spun filter cartridge machine to change the hydraulic oil, some is to pay attention to at the same time to replace all the hydraulic oil filter, oil filter, oil filter, pilot filter), otherwise, we actually is also say that it is not be replaced. To identify the hydraulic oil label, the label different, then there is the different brand of hydraulic oil can not be mixed, otherwise, it will to a large extent, which is lead to produce a series of floc metamorphic reaction. In view of this, we would recommend using the excavator to designate oil.


Spun filter cartridge machine produced the pp spun filters, be sure to mount oil suction filter, first for oil suction filter to cover the nozzle is directly leads to the main pump, into the impurities, light will wear on direct will accelerate the main pump, severe cases, that is, can appear the phenomenon of the pump. Fill in the standard position. The hydraulic oil tank usually includes the oil level table and the liquid level gauge. Note the way it is parked, generally speaking, which means that all cylinders should be taken back, including small arms, full scoop and the landing.


After filter of spun filter cartridge machine put in the oil, will pay attention to the main pump to discharge air, otherwise, the light is being all the car is also no action, the main pump itself that is may happen sound sonic (air), or, air-pocket appear damage phenomenon of main pump. The air exhaust method is to pay attention to the top of the main pump to loosen the joint of the pipe, directly to fill it.


Next, when it comes to the characteristics of spun filter cartridge machine, it is obvious that it has excellent chemical compatibility, which is suitable for filtering strong acid, strong alkali and its organic solvents. And then, we actually have to pay attention to the membrane, which is the folding, deep filtration, the membrane filtration area is going to be larger; In addition, the pressure difference of fiber filter equipment is relatively low, and the nair quality is very strong, and it will be long in life when it is used.