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Carbon filter machine production requirements and characteristics of using

Mar 07, 2019

Carbon filter machine in the process of making the use of advanced technology to develop and become, filter leaf used special stainless steel mesh, long service life, high yield, high precision, original oil pressure, low residue in oil, easy to operate, easy to discharge, applies to oil, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries in the production of decoloring oil filter, clarification, filter, crystal filtration separation process, particularly in the oil industry in the cotton seed, rapeseed, such as castor pressing oil difficult problem such as filtering, difficult to discharge. 

Characteristics of carbon filter

1. No filter cloth or paper, greatly reducing the filtration cost

2. Fully closed operation, environmental protection, no material loss. 

3. Vibration slag removal greatly reduces labor intensity to achieve continuous operation. 

4 pneumatic valve discharge slag, greatly reduce the labor intensity of workers. 

5. Liquid slag or activated carbon (clay) filtration or dehydration filtration can completely replace the plate and frame filter, which is the preferred equipment in the filtration industry.www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com