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Carbon filter machine safety protection and working principle

May 21, 2019

The carbon filter machine has perfect safety protection during operation. Its over-temperature protection, high-pressure alarm, motor protection, automatic cutting protection system ensure safe production, compact structure, small floor space, saving plant space; Strict operational tests have been carried out before, ensuring that the equipment can be operated after installation on site.

The production of carbon filter core machine mainly utilizes the gradient diameter process principle. In the operation, it mainly adopts integrated material temperature control, independent material metering and distribution and spinneret section adjustment, which can accurately control the material extrusion amount and temperature to meet the complexity. Process filter production, low energy production, electric heating temperature control system and excellent insulation design, effectively reduce heat loss and reduce energy consumption.

The carbon filter machine adopts a very independent control cabinet to integrate the control and alarm output of the complete production line, and can display the working status of each component, observe the operation status of the equipment at any time, and also select the color touch screen + PLC control system, humanized multi-language operation The interface makes parameter settings simpler and more straightforward.www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com