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Characteristics and process principle of carbon filter cartridge machine

Mar 09, 2019

Carbon filter machine is mainly used in production process of bilateral six nozzle design, mass filter production equipment is the first choice, use a set of extrusion machine and filter receiver thermal insulation system, without any increase in too many installation area at the same time, the upgrade production than other series nearly doubled, very suitable for product demand big single filter production requirements and specifications. 

Characteristics of carbon filter

Advanced design: the production of filter element is based on the principle of gradual diameter process, which adopts the integrated material temperature control, independent material metering and distribution, and the piecewise adjustment of spinneret, which can precisely control the extrusion amount and temperature of material and meet the requirements of the complex process of filter element production. 

Low energy consumption production: electric heating temperature control system and excellent insulation design can effectively reduce heat loss and energy consumption. 

Easy operation: the independent control cabinet integrates the control and alarm output of the full set of production line, and can display the working status of each part, observe the operation status of the equipment at any time, more can choose the color touch screen +PLC control system, user-friendly multi-language interface makes the parameter setting more simple and clear.www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com