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Classification of PP Melt injection filter

Oct 23, 2017

PP Melt Spray filter is divided into three small categories:

One is ordinary PP Melt spray filter, the second is the fine grain pp Melt Spray filter, three is the trough PP Melt spurts the filter element, these three types of PP Melt-blown filter are the best filtering effect of fine grain PP, and then to the Groove PP Melt spray filter to the ordinary PP Melt spray filter.

Why the filter effect of fine grain pp Melt Spray filter is the best one in the melt-blown filter, because of the fine grain pp Melt Spray Filter element contact surface (force area) than the ordinary PP melt-blown filter, the filter effect is better than others, the Groove pp Melt spray filter is not fine lines of the indentation, Therefore, the contact surface (force area) is not fine-grained PP, but compared with ordinary pp melt-blown filter, the filter of PP Melt spray filter effect is very good.