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Common areas of melt/blown nonwoven fabric process

Jun 11, 2020

Air purifier is used to filter air with higher flow rate.  It has low resistance, high strength, excellent acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, stable efficiency and long service life.  There is no fluff in the gas after purification.  Hygiene application: The dust-proof mouth made of melt-blown fabric has small breathing resistance, no suffocation, and dustproofness of 99%; it is widely used in food processing and other dust-proof work, has good permeability, no toxic and side effects, and is easy to use.  Liquid filter materials and battery separators: Polymelt spray cloth is used to filter acidic and alkaline liquids, oils, oils, etc. It has excellent performance and has been regarded as a good separator material by the battery industry, which not only reduces battery costs, simplifies the process, and greatly reduces  The weight and volume of the battery.  Oil-absorbing materials and industrial wipes; mask melt-blown fabric.