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Comparison of different filter production equipment purchase and PP filter production equipment parameters

Dec 31, 2018

The filter production equipment is the equipment for manufacturing the filter element and its the collective name for all its equipment. Then, since it is mentioned, let's take a good look at it and know how to use it properly, so that a good quality filter can be obtained through standard operation.


1. Comparison of different filter production equipment purchases

Filter production equipment which has different types. According to different filter elements and comparison on the purchase of these filter production equipment,it can draw a conclusion. In terms of basic considerations, all need to consider the product the six basic and important factors of origin, detailed parameters, real-time quotation,  price quotation, product quality, after-sales service of the manufacturer and product will be different in some targeted considerations.


2. What are the important parameters of the PP filter production equipment?

PP filter production equipment which is a specific type of filter production equipment, its used to produce a filter element of PP filter, and it has some important parameters,

Precision: 1um5um10um20um30um50um100um

Length: 10"20"30"40"50"...

Default ID: 28mm

ID: 14mm144mm

OD: 38mm120mm

Voltage: AC380V/50HZDC220V/50HZ

Actual power: 30KW/h

Capacity: 32004000pcs/days


3.Is the inner diameter and outer diameter of the melt blown filter production equipment the same?

Melt-blown filter production equipment,it is a melt-blown filter core, and this filter-carrying equipment has two parameters of inner diameter and outer diameter. Its inner diameter can be processed to the size of 16mm. 20mm, 22mm, 23mm, 27mm, 28mm, 30mm, 35mm, 89mm, 114mm, etc., the outer diameter can also be customized according to needs, and is not limited.


4. Melt spray filter and its production equipment

The melt-blown filter element is structurally composed of at least two layers of plastic wire wrapped together, and the gap between the plastic wires of the outer plastic layer is larger than that of the inner plastic layer. The gap between the plastic wires. In addition, the production equipment involved is a melt-blown filter production equipment which includes a melt-blown device for fuses. This equipment has the advantages of reasonable structure and energy saving.www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com