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Comparison of filter machine and filter equipment features and fully automatic control

Oct 17, 2018

The main function of the filter machine is to manufacture the filter element, so that the product can be used in the filtration operation, and different filter elements can be used for different filter media to ensure good filtration effect. Therefore, based on this, the next step is to learn and master the knowledge related to the filter machine, so that we know what the filter machine is.


1. Filter machine, is it a filter device or a filter production device?

The filter core machine belongs to both the filter element equipment and the filter core production equipment, and the filter element equipment and the filter element production equipment here are the same, and there is no difference, so this conclusion can be obtained. Moreover, the main representative of the filter device or the filter production equipment is the filter machine. In different filtration operations, since different filter elements are used, there are corresponding filter core machines in the production of the filter elements.


2. Does the filter machine have the main features of the filter unit?

The main features of the filter unit are:

(1) For filter elements of different sizes, the parameters of the equipment can be adjusted during the production process to ensure that the desired filter product is obtained.

(2) Fully automatic operation and operation can be adopted in the operation mode, which can improve work efficiency, reduce manual work intensity, and save cost.


The filter core machine, which is the representative and main equipment of the filter element device, is therefore the above-mentioned features of the filter element device, and these are also necessary and satisfied by the filter element machine.


3. Is the control of the automatic filter machine controlled by PLC?

Ordinary filter machine, if it adopts PLC control in control and can automatically produce filter element by inputting programmed program, this kind of filter machine can be called automatic filter machine. Therefore, the control of the filter core machine is mainly controlled by PLC, and some alarm devices can be added. When an abnormality or problem occurs during the operation of the device, an alarm signal can be issued in time, and the operator can solve the problem in time to avoid serious consequences.


4. Do different filter elements have different performance? Can the special-purpose filter element be customized?

Filter cartridges, which are available in many types, such as oil filter cartridges, air filter cartridges, water filter cartridges, oil-water separation cartridges, and oil-gas separation cartridges. These cartridges have different application ranges and achievable filtration effects, so they have different properties and, more The corresponding filter machine types are also different to ensure product quality. Special filter cartridges are customizable to meet specific applications.https://www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com/