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Compressed air filter cartridge usage cycle and air filter rated air volume

Oct 25, 2018

Air filter this type of filter, which is a specific type of filter, is a type of filter that is often used, and is used for air or compressed air through the use of this type of filter. Purify the air for this purpose. Therefore, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding in order to perform this operation well, rather than using it incorrectly.


1. How long does the filter element of the compressed air filter in the air filter last? What are the common specifications?

Compressed air filter, which is a specific type of air filter, and has many applications that can be used in many industries. The filter cartridge, which is an important component of the compressed air filter, plays an important role in filtration. The replacement cycle is generally replaced by a new filter cartridge for half a year to a year. Therefore, the life cycle of the filter cartridge is It is for half a year to a year or so.


A compressed air filter is used to remove dust, impurities, and the like from the compressed air, and to separate moisture from the air. The degree of filtration of the filter, which refers to the upper limit of the particle size of the particulate impurities that the filter is allowed to pass. In the common specifications of the filter, there are four types of 5-10um, 10-20um, 25-40um and 50-75um.


2. Why is the air filter widely used?

Air filter  is widely used because it collects dust from a gas-solid two-phase flow through a porous filter material and purifies the gas. After purifying the air with low dust content It is sent indoors to ensure the cleanliness of the clean room and the cleanliness of the air in the general air-conditioned room. Therefore, based on this, this kind of filter can be applied to many industries and fields for a wide range of applications.


3. How is the rated air volume of the air filter determined? Is the selection of the wind equal to the rated air volume?

The resistance of the air filter changes with the wind speed or the filtration speed of the windward surface, and when the air filter is designed and shaped, the installation position and structure form, filtration efficiency and filtration resistance of the product in the air conditioning purification system are taken into consideration. These and other considerations are used to determine the surface wind speed of the filter and, in turn, to obtain the specific parameters of the rated air volume.


In engineering design, the air filter is not necessarily equal to its rated air volume, and will be slightly higher than the rated air volume under certain conditions. However, in actual design work, it is considered that the filter is selected to be lower than the rated air volume. To save energy consumption and extend the life of the air filter.http://www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com/