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Construction of filter cartridge machine

Sep 16, 2019

 The filter cartridge machine of the filter-type dust removal device is a filter cartridge. The structure of the filter cartridge is divided into four parts: a top cover, a metal frame, a pleated filter material and a base.  The filter cartridge machine is designed to be folded into pleats of the filter material, and the first end is glued to the tube; the inner and outer parts of the tube are supported by a metal frame, and the top and bottom are fixed by a top cover and a base, and the top cover has fixing bolts and washers.  Performance and form factor of round filter machine.  A well-performing ventilation system consisting of baghouse dust removal equipment is what most users expect.  However, no matter how good the performance is, if it is operated by it or managed by a less responsible person, it will become a system with low performance in a short period of time, and it will become a waste of resources, energy and environmentally harmful equipment.  Bag-type dust removal equipment produced by various manufacturers has many similar characteristics, but there are fundamental differences in the specific design.  Therefore, when operating and maintaining, it is necessary to have a good understanding of the characteristics of the system, and be familiar with the operation and maintenance instructions provided by the manufacturer.