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CTO filter making machine machine can effectively improve product quality

Jan 12, 2018

Due to the CTO filter making machine has high automation level, thus the user in the process of operation, can effectively improve the speed and uniformity of feeding, reduce the material flow, so that it can be very good control precision of the production, to maintain production equipment reliability and stability.For the user, the CTO filter making machine will undoubtedly improve the production strength level.


In actual processing, in order to guarantee the quality of activated carbon filter, so the CTO filter making machine mainly USES the high quality fruit shell charcoal and coal activated carbon as raw materials, coupled with the high quality adhesives, through the use of advanced processing technology and excellent equipment.Therefore, the filter core products can be adsorbed, filtered, intercepted and catalyzed to ensure the filtration effect.


So far, the filter core products processed by CTO filter making machine have won the attention of many consumers.This filter can be used to filter out organic matter, residual chlorine and other radioactive substances in the water. It can also achieve decolorization and odor removal.


According to the production, we can adjust the operation parameters of the CTO filter making machine to obtain the filter core products of different specifications.However, in the production and processing, the extruder can only do one inner diameter, such as the inner diameter 30 mm, outside diameter 63 mm.If other specifications need to be replaced, the molds should be replaced.


Due to the material excellent, the craft is advanced, coupled with the excellent properties of CTO filter making machine, so we have to produce activated carbon filter itself belongs to the real deep structure, and thus have the double function filtration and purification at the same time.Therefore, with the improvement of the production level of the CTO filter making machine will be able to provide better precision for people.