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Detailed work performance of CTO water filter machine

Dec 25, 2017

Friends who have used CTO water filter machine should know that the device is specially equipped with an advanced automatic control system that can be maintained for a long time.In the use of CTO water filter machine , the main raw materials are activated carbon and adhesives, and the activated carbon filter is extruded by heating.


Under normal circumstances, CTO water filter machine can keep working 24 hours continuous uninterrupted production, its rated power is 16.45 kw/set, the actual power that is in the boot of runtime power 8 kilowatts per hour.In the production of activated carbon filter, the raw materials used are activated carbon and PE glue.The internal diameter of the product is 32 mm and the inner diameter is 32 mm.


Production of CTO water filter machine is introduced: the user can use the requirement of production of different length of filter products, such as the length of the common requirements are 5 inches, 10 inches, 20 inches and 30 inches long.If users have other special sizes, they can be customized.


About the production of CTO water filter machine: in fact, the output of the device is closely related to the cooling system used.If the cooling system directly cools the carbon bar, the output can reach 300 to 400 millimeters per minute;If the cooling system directly cools the extruder's molds, the yield is about 150 to 200 millimeters per minute.The size range of the filter cartridge is: the inner diameter range is usually 9 to 100 mm, and the outer diameter range is 29 to 150 mm.


In a complete set of CTO water filter machine, besides the host, there are other production parts, such as automatic mixer, automatic cutter, automatic feeder and extruder.The main production process can be summarized as: first, use of automatic mixer, mixing with automatic feeder feeding, then followed by extruder & workbench and cutting machine is running, the last is the dust collection device