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Development of filter element clapper

Jul 11, 2020

With the progress of society, the social division of labor has been continuously refined, and more and more institutions such as hotels, schools, factories and other institutions have sent bed linen, towels, tablecloths and curtains and other linen to professional washing factories for washing and ironing. According to the needs of society, Aijiemeisi has developed a filter clapper board machine. As one of the automatic equipment in the washing plant, the folding machine automatically completes the folding work of various washed and ironed linens, which solves the manual folding of linens. Problems such as long time, poor quality and impossibility of pipeline operation. The problems occurred in the use of the filter plate clapper, the production practice shows that the principle of the force-increasing mechanism is feasible and the structure is basically reasonable. But there were some problems. First, in order to adjust the force increase ratio, the fixed hinge seat of the second-level connecting rod adopts a thread to adjust the working position. Although it is convenient to adjust, it is easy to cause loosening. Especially when the force increase ratio is adjusted to a larger value, due to the reduced reliability of the mechanism itself, once loosened, it will cause clamping failure.