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Development of filtration equipment towards energy saving and environmental protection

Mar 27, 2020

With the country's related requirements for water treatment equipment, the filtration equipment that currently plays a decisive role in water treatment has a good development prospect. In pharmaceutical water treatment, filtration equipment has also become an indispensable role.

For a long time, most of China's enterprises are relatively small in scale, with low production concentration, repeated low-level construction, and overcapacity of low-end products. Regardless of the expansion of the original filter company's production scale or the newly established filter manufacturer, most of the process equipment and product technology levels have not improved, and the low-end product capacity is obviously in excess.

The domestic filter manufacturers of air-conditioning filter manufacturers have weak product development capabilities and lack original technologies. Although most of the domestic mainframes have been localized, few new products have been developed independently. Most air-conditioning filter element manufacturers are difficult to intervene in the early development of the host company and cannot meet the requirements of systematic and modular supply.