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Different production scale need different filter cartridge production equipment and filter cartridge reuse analysis.

Jun 19, 2018

Filter cartridge production equipment, it is used to produce filter cartridge, so this type machines are known as filter cartridge production equipment. Thus, now we mentioned the filter cartridge production equipment, and we need to know comprehensive about it, OK, study now.


1. For filter cartridge production equipment, whether it own long time use life or not?


Yes, it requests longer use life, and it’s one of all standards to measure the equipment with quality, so it must be requested. If the equipment with longer use life and used widely, then it will get better use effect, and to obtain good filter cartridge quality, great economic benefits.


2. If production scale is not too large when start to produce the filter cartridge, whether we need too many production equipment?


If just start to produce the filter cartridge with a small scale, then we don’t need too many equipment, just need a whole set equipment, add origami, plastic injection machine, sub-machine and spot welding machine to produce and manufacture the filter cartridge. The most important, it don’t need too much cost.


3. Whether the filter cartridge equipment price range too much or not? Moreover, whether all filter cartridge can be reuse or not?


For the price, it is range from thousands RMB to ten thousands RMB at present. For us, the detail price is confirmed according to the filter equipment size, material and filter requirements and so on.


Filter cartridge production equipment can be used to produce many different types filter cartridges. But not all filter cartridges can be reused, many of them can be used only once, it must be retired or replaced a new one when the use life end or reach can’t be used standard. It can not be clean to use again, because now this filter cartridge can’t content the filter requirements.