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Factors Affecting Surface Powder Cleaning

Dec 20, 2019

 The method for cleaning the powder on the surface of the filter cartridge machine is mainly pulse impulse type, that is, compressed air is instantly ejected from the valve through the solenoid valve to form a stream of air to act on the inside of the filter element equipment, thereby completing the filter cartridge machine surface  There are four main factors that affect the cleaning effect of dust accumulation: pressure, gas cleanliness, filter material, and filter structure.

 If the air pressure is too small, the powder accumulation on the surface of the filter cartridge machine cannot be shaken cleanly. When the strength of the filter cartridge machine allows, the larger the shock pressure, the better. Generally, the coating equipment is set with a pressure of about 5KG.  This is mainly because of the bearing capacity of conventional filter cartridge machine on the market.

 The gas entering the solenoid valve through compressed air will also affect the backflushing effect. Compared with domestic materials, imported high-quality materials are easier to remove powder. Compared with traditional polyester fiber filter cloth, surface-treated materials are  It is better to clean up the accumulated powder.

  The appearance structure of the filter cartridge machine also has a direct impact on the effect of love.  Compared with the traditional cylindrical filter device, the large and narrow shape of the conical filter, when using pulse shock, the powder accumulation is more likely to fall off. The bottom-leakage filter device allows the shocked powder to slide directly to the bottom of the powder room.  When the small diameter shallow fold filter element is pulsed, the airflow can make the filter cloth expand outward, and the powder deposited on the surface of the filter cloth is shaken.