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Features of a rotary filter cleaning machine

Jun 05, 2020

It is characterized in that the washing machine includes a motor, a deceleration device, a base, a rotating tray, a quick locking device, an ultrasonic generator, and a cleaning tank; the base is provided in the cleaning tank, and the ultrasonic generator is fixed on the  The cleaning tank wall; the reduction device includes a power output wheel, a transmission belt, a pulley, a transmission shaft 1, a reduction output gear and a transmission gear, the power output wheel is installed on the power output shaft of the motor, and the transmission belt is installed  On the power output wheel and the belt wheel, the transmission shaft is fixedly arranged at the center of the base, the belt wheel and the reduction output gear are respectively provided at both ends of the transmission shaft 1, the reduction output gear and the transmission gear are not coupled; fast  The locking device is used to quickly fix the filter element to be cleaned.