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Features of active carbon filter machine

Sep 19, 2019

 The active carbon filter machine is a true deep structure with dual functions of filtration and purification. The filter cartridge has a nominal filtration precision of 10 microns.  No filter aids need to be added during use, and no filtration after carbon treatment is required.  Each activated carbon filter cartridge contains 160 grams of plant sulfur-free activated carbon particles.  It is used for the cleaning of electroplating liquid, and the plating layer is pinhole or brittle due to the fact that the filter element does not precipitate fibers or other substances.  The activated carbon filter is mainly to see how the quality of the activated carbon he uses is

 It is made of natural high-quality coconut shell and refined by physical activation method. It is non-toxic and tasteless, with developed pores. It does not contain dissolved substances in water which have adverse effects on water quality. It has strong adsorption capacity and fast filtration speed, and can effectively absorb drinking water.  Chlorine and odor, deep purification, removal of industrial wastewater, sewage, COD, pigments, ozone and other harmful substances in the water quality of the river and the electronics industry, pharmaceutical industry, the production of ultra-pure water and the purification of water for the food industry.  It can also develop and produce special index activated carbon according to the actual requirements of users.