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Filter and filter cartridge machine correspondence and air filter manufacturer

Oct 23, 2018

The filter cartridge machine, which is a type of equipment used to manufacture the product for manufacturing and processing the filter element, is called a filter cartridge making machine. Moreover, it is necessary to use the correct and standardized operation to obtain a good quality filter element, thereby ensuring good performance and filtration effect of the product, instead of causing waste of the product.


1. Does the air filter cartridge machine that in the filter production equipment have many manufacturers?

Air filter cartridge machine , which is a specific type of filter cartridge machine, and is a common and commonly used type. The product produced by it is a filter element for air filter, and currently there are many manufacturers from the domestic market. Therefore, we should pay attention to the purchase of this filter cartridge machine and all its related factors. In order to be able to select the right product and get a filter element of the air filter.


2. PP Melt-blown filter element, which filter element is the corresponding filter cartridge machine?

PP Melt-blown filter element, which is a specific type of filter element, and from the perspective of its application, it is a filter element that is used more. The filter cartridge machine corresponding to it is a production equipment for PP melt-blown filter elements, and a specific and common type of filter cartridge machine. In addition, on this type of equipment, fully automatic melt-blown filter cartridge machine can be used to improve product quality and products, as well as to improve equipment efficiency.


3. Different filter elements, does it correspond to different filter production lines? Is it the same as the filter cartridge machine?

Different filter elements, such as melt blown filter, PP melt blown filter, PP wound filter and CTO activated carbon filter, they have their corresponding filter production line, which is melt-blown filter production line, PP melt-blown filter production line, PP winding filter production line and activated carbon. Filter production line. However, in terms of specific requirements, it will be different from the filter cartridge machine, because the filter production line and the filter cartridge machine are different in properties, the former is the production line and the latter is the machine equipment.


4. Which filter cartridge making machine should be used for the filter element in the water purifier?

The filter element in the water purifier uses more KDF and activated carbon filter elements, so in the filter cartridge making machine, it is the KDF filter cartridge making machine and the activated carbon filter cartridge making machine. In addition, the use of the filter element in the water purifier is to remove solid particles, bacteria and harmful chemical components in the water, which plays an important role. Therefore, the two cartridge making machine should be used correctly to obtain good quality and filtration effect. KDF and activated carbon filter.http://www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com/