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Filter cartridge machine needs to be replaced frequently

Sep 20, 2019

When one of the following conditions occurs, your water purifier filter machine should be replaced.

 1. When the flow rate of the water purifier outlet is too small to meet the daily usage, the filter cartridge is in a condition, it is blocked, and the filter cartridge should be cleaned. After that, the normal flow rate is not restored. Then, for the sake of health.  Your filter should be changed.

 2. When the taste of water is similar to that of tap water, the chlorine smell remains in the water, and it is obvious that the filter should be replaced.  The water purification capacity is consumed. We know that the adsorption power and the water purification effect of the activated carbon in the water purifier are very strong. It is also important to note that the activated carbon itself is easy to breed bacteria. When the adsorption is saturated, it is easy to make the purified water.  The device becomes a "sewage device".

 3. When your water purifier has been in use for two years and the filter has not been replaced, this means that your filter should be replaced.  The use of water purifiers is not once and for all, and the "core" can be used to ensure the safety of drinking water and health.https://www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com/