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Filter cartridge production machine products available filter and air filter main equipment

Oct 11, 2018

The Filter cartridge production machine is a kind of equipment used to manufacture various filter elements, so the products of the equipment are various filter elements, and different filter elements have different filter production equipment, such as melt blown filter corresponding to melt blown filter production equipment. Therefore, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding and understanding of the filter production equipment, so as to further familiarize and understand the various filter elements and use them correctly.


1. The filter element in the core filter is the production equipment of the filter element?

The filter element in the core filter is produced by the filter element production equipment, and by using the filter element production equipment, the filter element with good filtration performance can be obtained, thereby ensuring good filter performance and filtration effect of the core filter. In addition, the core filter is a filter that can be used for drinking water, domestic water, and filtration of production water in industries such as electronics, printing and dyeing, textiles, and environmental protection. It has the advantages of large flux and low cost of consumables. Backwashing.


2. Different filter elements, in addition to the corresponding production equipment, is there a corresponding application range?

Different filter elements, which have corresponding filter core production equipment, such as air filter core filter, the corresponding production equipment is air filter production equipment, and the filter element used in oil and water filtration, there is corresponding filter production Equipment used to produce filter elements for the filtration of oil and filtered water. Therefore, for different types of filter elements, the corresponding filter production equipment should be correctly selected, and at the same time, the suitable application range should be determined.


3. Does the air filter element in the filter element have the main equipment on the filter production equipment?

The air filter element in the filter element, which is the main equipment in the filter core production equipment, is a paper folding machine and a spot welding machine, and generally has these two equipments, and can manufacture an air filter core. In the overall price of these air filter production equipment, it is about tens of thousands to 100,000 yuan. The processing of other components can be obtained by means of external processing.


4. What filter element is the filter element in the microporous membrane filter? Which filter production equipment is it?

The filter element in the microporous membrane filter can be said to be an important and key component. Because of the important role of filtration, if there is no filter element, the filtration operation cannot be performed and the filter can not work and use. In the filter element type, it adopts a filter element of a folding filter element, and on the filter core production equipment, it is a production device for folding filter elements.http://www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com/