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Function of filter folding machine

Jul 03, 2020

Filter folding machine. AJMS filter folding machine is of good quality! The filter folding machine has a variety of filter folding machine programs, which can be freely selected, and the working time can be adjusted arbitrarily (filter folding machine 0~16 minutes, dehydration 0~5 minutes).The working status and washing and removing time are displayed on the panel. Can automatically deal with the dehydration imbalance (with various faults and high and low voltage automatic protection function), the work will be automatically cut off after the end of the work or power failure, no care, to ensure safety. It also has soaking, hand-washing water flow function. At present, some filter folding machines also use fuzzy technology, that is, the filter folding machine can logically infer the information provided by the sensor, automatically judge the clothes texture, weight, and dirtiness, so as to automatically select the better filter folding machine time and water intake , Rinse times, dehydration time, and display the amount of filter folding machine, to achieve the entire filter folding machine time automation, easy to use, energy saving and water saving.