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Functional Classification of CTO Carbon Filter Cartridge Making Machine and Its Advantages

Jan 22, 2018

CTO water filter machine mainly adopts the advanced automatic control system, the temperature control system performance is good, so we can ensure the stability of the equipment to some extent the output, the CTO water filter machine maintenance and maintenance is convenient, simple and easy.


The water cooling design of CTO water filter machine is used to accelerate the cooling of carbon filter core, thus increasing the output and low power consumption of the whole equipment.The main purpose of use is to filter water.


CTO water filter machine screw diameter 51 (mm), the maximum extrusion diameter (mm), production capacity of 180 200 (Kg/h), positioning accuracy 0.1 (mm), shape size 45 square 14.3 (mm) motor power (kw).The carbon rod extruder of CTO activated carbon filter is suitable for the production of conventional carbon rod filter core. It is designed with uniform feeding, easy to operate and easy to maintain, and the output of standard carbon rod can reach 2800 / day.


The main characteristics of CTO water filter machine.

1. The unit operation is simple and easy to maintain.

2. Suitable for production of conventional activated carbon filter.

3. Electric heating and water cooling are adopted.

4. Equipped with adjustable speed and uniform feeding device.

5. Automatic activated carbon filter core cutting system (optional).


Function classification of CTO water filter machine and its advantages.

Activated carbon filter has a variety of classification methods. According to its functional differences, it can be divided into self-cleaning filter, automatic filter and brush filter. 


CTO water filter machine is a kind of using mesh directly to remove impurities, water purifying water quality, reduce system such as dirt, to purify the water quality and protect the system precision equipment of other equipment to work normally.The main components are: motor, electric control box, control pipeline, supervisor component, filter element, 316l stainless steel brush, frame assembly, transmission shaft, import and export connection flange, etc.