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GAC making machine mechanical maintenance requirements and surface corrosion resistance

Dec 04, 2017

In recent years the GAC filter got rapid development, to some extent, it also promoted the filter equipment research and development, and we as a professional GAC making machine manufacturer, all the year round for the general customers to provide quality of filter equipment.

Now the number of production of GAC making machine manufacturers becomes more and more, when making use of it caused the market of filter production equipment not neat residual, this will bring consumers a choice is difficult, we as a professional filter equipment manufacturer, here we remind you that in the process of using this tool also need to pay attention to maintenance, otherwise will also reduce the service life of filter equipment.

GAC making machine in use need to pay attention to the surface is clean and not wet, also need to increase the corrosion resistance on the surface, so for the product to extend its service life is also helpful.It is necessary to close the connector of the filter element material so that it can effectively hold the heat preservation.So you need to pay more attention to the process you're using.


GAC making machine is divided into fully automatic and semi-automatic two, fully automatic filter equipment is semi-automatic 2-3 times, and our factory are using the automatic equipment, so the filter equipment manufacturers use fully automated production equipment are much than the semi-automatic take advantage, at the same time reduce the manpower and material resources, the production efficiency is greatly increased.