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Good performance of pp winding filter cartridge machine

Dec 29, 2017

According to the analysis of the present application situation of PP winding filter cartridge machine is mainly involved in the application fields including water purification, beverages, food, oil, chemical, pharmaceutical, electronics and environmental protection and other industries.So-called PP winding filter cartridge machine, really belongs to a kind of winding line of different types of yarn, winding filter of special production equipment, not only high production efficiency, also has high automation level, and easy to change the line, low energy consumption.


PP winding filter cartridge machine itself, therefore, has a good performance, in the actual production, the equipment of coil winding speed can reach 60 to 320 mm per minute, coil diameter is 200 mm.If the diameter is more than 200 mm, you can customize it.The power supply of the equipment is ac380/220v 50hz, the motor power is 180w/ingot or 250w/ingot, and the motor speed is 2800r per minute.


Under normal circumstances, the use of PP winding filter cartridge machine production of various specifications of PP yarn filter, can according to need to choose the appropriate coil skeleton material, compared the commonly used material such as polyoxymethylene and stainless steel.The inner diameter of the wound frame is 26, 28, 29, 30, 32, 40 and 65 mm.


In order to meet the production requirements of different users, the corresponding machine motor can be selected.For example, if the length of the wound cartridge is within thirty inches, then the three-phase induction motor with a speed of 2800 revolutions per minute can be used.If the length of the wound cartridge is 30 inches and above, then the PP yarn filter can use the three-phase torque motor of 1400 revolutions per minute.


Generally, the inner diameter of the filter core made by PP winding filter cartridge machine is about 28 mm and 30 mm, and the outer diameter is 29 to 200 mm, and the maximum diameter can reach 200 mm.The filter core precision produced by PP winding filter cartridge machine is mainly 1 mu m, 5 mu m, 10 mu m, 20 mu m, 50 mu m and 100 mu m, etc.