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How is melt blown cloth produced?

Aug 25, 2020

The equipment for the production of melt blown fabric is a melt blown machine or a melt blown fabric production line. The melt blown fabric production line consists of the following parts:

 Screw extruder: melt the slices.  Metering pump: Control the output and fiber fineness to continuously deliver the melt to the spinneret.  Melt filter: filter the impurities in the melt.  Conveying net curtain: Make melt blown fiber evenly received and spread on the net Spinning box: After the fiber is ejected, it is stretched by high-speed hot air immediately to blow the fiber and become ultra-fine fiber.  Feeding system: It consists of 3 measuring hoppers, which are used to measure white slices, masterbatch, and additives.  Hot air blower and heater: provide the temperature and pressure of the hot air used in the spinning air drawing, use electric heating, and consume a lot of power.  Coiling machine: adopts fully automatic coiling to pack meltblown fabric into rolls.