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How to determine the quantity and relation between the filter cartridge machine and filter cartridge?

Jun 23, 2018

For the filter cartridge machine equipment, if you need a comprehensive understanding, than it can’t miss anyone knowledge points, also it should grasp the main related parts in time, so that it can be used widely and combining into real life. As below, we will start doing this project, to ensure you get a better effect when the filter cartridge making machines is used.


1. For the filter cartridge machine manufacturer, can they produce some other filter cartridge related production?


Yes, they can. Such as the PP melt blown equipment, filter cartridge production line and carbon filter cartridge machines and so on. And it also can rich the types of products. But if only filter cartridge machine,then it should be many different machine types, or the product lists are too single.


2. For the filter cartridge in water purifier, is it produced by filter cartridge machine? Will it point when should replace a new filter cartridge?


Yes, it is produced by filter cartridge machine, and the machine is common production equipment. It can get better filter effect if the filter cartridge is produced by filter cartridge making machine. When the filter cartridge should be replaced, there will be a notice. If the pilot lamp is red on water purifier panel, than it’s time to replace a new filter cartridge.


3. For the filter cartridge,whether it can be produced by different filter cartridge making machines or not to be used in filter water?


In fact, there are too many different types and used widely, it also can be used to filter many other medium. But not all types filter cartridges can be selected if filter water, because different filter cartridges with different structure and application.


4. How to confirm the filter cartridge quantity, whether it should think about the produce equipment or not?


to confirm the filter cartridge quantity is according to the specific condition and situation. Such as filter requirements, filter effect, filter resistance and many other factors, it can be selected and confirmed after composite consideration. And it can’t only know one of all factors, or it can not get a right result. Moreover, it must be taken seriously when think about the filter cartridge production equipment, because it’s also a important factor.http://www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com/