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Is it necessary to know the price of the filter machine on the Internet and is the stainless steel available?

May 17, 2019

 The filter machine, although only three words, contains a lot of knowledge, and its products are for various filter cartridge, so it can be used in the production of filter cartridge.  Then, in order to use the filter machine correctly and reasonably, the machine will be familiar and understood below to achieve the goal.


 1. Do you have to know the price of the product when you purchase the filter machine online?

 The price of the filter machine on the Internet must be known, because if you do not know the price of the product, you cannot purchase the product, and this is also a must in the product information.  In addition, the price of the product, including the real-time quotation and price quotation of the product, must be considered in order to determine the appropriate price range for the product.


 2. Does the filter machine have to be certified for product quality?

 From the current point of view, it is required to carry out product quality certification for the product of the filter cartridge machine, which is the ISO product quality certification. Moreover, this is beneficial to the manufacturer and can make its own products competitive in the market.  For the purchaser, it is also necessary to know that the choice of ISO-certified filter machine products can guarantee the product quality and product performance, and then, the product has a good use effect.


 3. Does the air filter and the oil filter correspond to the same filter machine?

 The filter cartridge machine is made of filter machine, and different kinds of filter cartridge machine are corresponding to different kinds of filter machines. Therefore, based on this, it can be known that the air filter machine and the oil filter machine do not correspond to the same filter cartridge machine, and this is also two different types.  Filter cartridge, the former is used to filter the air and the latter is used to filter the oil. The filter requirements and materials are different.


 4. Can the filter machine be made of stainless steel?

 The filter machine is made of stainless steel. For example, the filter machine is a slinger. It is made of SUS304 or SUS316L stainless steel. The filter machine can be used to clean the machine.  Filtration, RO front and rear filtration, PCW filtration, recovery water filtration and general water filtration, and can have good filtration quality and filtration effect.www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com