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Is the filter machine and the same size universal?

Mar 06, 2018

The filter cartridge machine is a kind of special equipment for producing all kinds of filter elements, so the product of this equipment is for all kinds of filter elements, and it can have different sizes.So, for this filter core production equipment, in order to be able to operate correctly in the actual work, the following information will be explained to achieve this goal.

1. Should the different filter cartridge machine be used for production?Is there a universal device?

The filter  is of different kinds, such as the melt blown filter, PP filter , activated carbon filter core and sintered activated carbon filter.To get these filters, you should use different kinds of filter cores, without a universal filter, which can produce all the filters.So, there is no universal device.

2. The machine filter, whether it is for the filter cartridge machine?

Machine filter, it specifically, it refers to the oil filter, oil is used to remove the dust, metal particles, sediment and impurities such as these, thus, the engine play a protective role.So, we can find that, its not filter cartridge machine, but for the oil filter.

3. Filters produced by the filter cartridge machine, if it is the same size, can it be used in general?

The filters produced by the filter cartridge machine, if it is the same specification or size, whether it can be used mainly depends on the specific function of the filter element, and its use requires these two.If the filter element of the same size can be satisfied on the use requirement, then it can be used interchangeably, i.e., it is universal.

4. Will there be a big difference in the price of the filter?

The product price of the filter cartridge machine may be very different because of the filter element produced. If there is different application or use position, then there will be different prices.Moreover, the price range is several hundred yuan to several thousand yuan, so this phenomenon will occur.As for the specific price of the filter element, it is to see the use requirements and installation position of the product, and have them to decide.http://www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com/