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Lubrication of melt-blown mask cloth equipment

Apr 09, 2020

Lubrication is an important means to reduce mechanical wear and reduce power consumption. This work is particularly important due to the special process and equipment of non-woven equipment. Therefore, it must be reported as a top priority for equipment repair and maintenance. Strictly follow the lubrication system diagram, lubrication cycle table and lubrication checklist procedures to carry out lubrication management.

Non-woven equipment management personnel must be very clear about the internal structure of each production line and each equipment. Lubrication points and lubrication requirements, draw a diagram of the lubrication system of all types of non-woven equipment, indicating the transmission relationship of each transmission component, and the oil eye position of each vibrating component, refueling sequence, refueling amount, oil type and refueling cycle To avoid random addition and blind addition in the refueling process, thereby improving the efficiency of lubrication.

Formulate a responsible machine for lubrication, a lubrication periodic table and a lubrication checklist. All responsible persons must work in strict accordance with the lubrication cycle table of the equipment. After each lubrication, technicians are required to check item by item according to the lubrication checklist and make records To avoid mechanical accidents caused by lubrication problems affecting production.