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Main features of filter cartridge machine

Aug 11, 2020

1. The pre-cutting paper feeding machine can be adjusted according to the size of the filter element of different specifications, through the stepless speed regulation of the motor, the slitting size can be accurately adjusted, and the operation is convenient.  The slitting effect is smooth, and there is an infrared monitoring system to keep the paper feeding speed consistent with the printer printing filter paper speed.

 2. The printer can print filter paper with different folding heights, the printing distance is convenient to adjust, and the brake control makes the printing distance more accurate, which is beneficial to folding and machine folding.  This machine can also make convex hulls on paper, which is especially suitable for the production of special air filters.  3. The folding work is completed by alternately using the upper and lower folding knives. After adjusting the knives and saws, it can meet the requirements of various folding heights, with accurate dimensions and uniformity.  4. The filter paper completes automatic dot counting, folding processing and preheating and shaping on the folding machine.  5. This machine is also used for folding iron wire cloth and non-woven cloth on the liquid container, and is suitable for multi-layer folding.