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Maintenance equipment for filter machine in the automotive industry

Sep 11, 2019

 1, air filter

 The engine draws in a large amount of air during operation. If the air is not filtered, the dust will accelerate the wear of the piston block and the cylinder.  Larger particles entering the piston and the cylinder can also cause severe "cylinder" phenomena.  The function of the air filter device is to filter out dust and particles in the air to ensure that the cylinder enters the foot and clean air.

 2, fuel filter

 The function of the gasoline filter device is to provide clean fuel to the engine and filter out the moisture and impurities of the gasoline.  This optimizes engine performance and provides optimum protection for the engine.  Usually, when performing car maintenance, the operator will perform other inspections according to the specific conditions of the car, and other maintenance items, such as inspection and maintenance of the engine-related system, positioning of the tires, inspection of various fastening components, and the like.