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Maintenance method of PP, CTO filter

Aug 14, 2020

After the filter element has been used for a period of time, if it fails to meet the design flow rate, it must be shut down in time, then open the equipment to take out the filter element, rinse its surface with clean water, and then place it in 4% hydrochloric acid  Soak for 24 hours, then soak in 4% sodium hydroxide for 24 hours, and finally rinse with water.  6. Storage method of filter element.  1. Completely soak the filter element in a special disinfectant, and fill the stainless steel housing of the equipment with disinfectant; 2. Then take out the filter element and dry it; 3. Remember that the filter element that has not been completely dried should not be packed in plastic bags.  So as to avoid mildew.