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Maintenance rules for water purifier filters

Nov 29, 2019

 Water purification First, the filter inside the water purifier must be rinsed before the first use to wash off the protective liquid in the filter.

 Second, cleaning: There are three types of water purification products on the market: water purifiers, pure water dispensers, and straight drinkers. Different water purification products are composed of different filters. The product will produce impurities during a certain period of use.  Excessive, clogged filter, etc.

 1, when the water output is less than half of the original, you can apply to the service center maintenance station for cleaning.

 2. Washing can be done by medicine or backwash.

 Under what circumstances should the water purifier filter be replaced

 How does the net know to replace the filter of the water purifier? The water purifier experts will recommend different filters for you to determine the replacement method:

 1. Replacement of ultrafiltration element and RO membrane: When the water production of the water purifier is greatly reduced, when it is much smaller than the original water flow or no water is discharged, it still cannot be recovered after washing, and it can no longer meet your water demand.  You need to replace the filter.

 2. Replacement of composite filter: When you feel that the taste of purified water becomes poor and unacceptable, you need to replace the composite filter.

 In fact, the filter of the water purifier determines the health of the drinking water in the home. If the filter is not replaced for a long time, it may form "secondary pollution" on the filtered water. Therefore, the water filter must be maintained and replaced in daily use.