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Material of filter equipment

Jul 17, 2020

Everyone sees that cars are coming and going on the road. Every holiday is a day of traffic jams. So, presumably the price of car filter equipment will also be high, very popular, so let's see if this is the case?

There are many materials for automotive filter equipment, including aluminum, stainless steel, and iron. Therefore, when doing surface treatment, the related cleaning process is different, and the products of the cleaning agent are also different.

Among them, the air filter equipment is indispensable. The air filter is an important component of the automobile engine. Its main role is to ensure the air quality entering the cylinder. The air quality directly affects the reliability and service life of the engine. By introducing the development trend of the air filter and the research progress at home and abroad, and elaborating the application status of the engine air filter from the aspect of filter material selection. At the same time, the filtering efficiency of the air cleaner is analyzed, and the calculation method is given.

In general, car filter equipment is still very popular, but everyone should not forget that the supply and demand relationship in the market is oversupply, then the price of the most popular things will be very low.