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Matters attention when choosing filter element machinery

Jun 27, 2020

When selecting the filter element machine, pay attention to the use environment of the filter element machine to facilitate the determination of the accuracy of the filter element machine; determine the filter medium of the filter element machine to facilitate the determination of the material of the filter element machine (stainless steel or external anti-rust treatment); determine the filter element filter Material (if there are no special requirements, choose glass fiber filter material, and the rest is customized according to user needs). Determine the environmental pressure to facilitate the special processing of the filter element machinery to meet special requirements. The filter element should be replaced and cleaned regularly to prevent secondary pollution. The filter element machinery is all made of SUS304 high-quality stainless steel. It is composed of two cylinders with 0.4um inside and outside polished. The top is equipped with a pressure gauge and exhaust valve. It is suitable for removing fresh milk, sugar liquid, beverages, oral liquid and other liquids. Purification of invisible solid impurities. The two filters are used alternately, and the filter screen can be replaced without stopping the machine, which is suitable for long-term continuous production.