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Mechanical application of filter cartridge

Jun 25, 2020

Now whether the guesthouse or hotel, a lot of white sheets, quilt covers, etc. will be used. At this time, the filter element machinery is used to help you complete each cleaning step, which is not only efficient and convenient, but also safer and faster. Many dirts are now too stubborn, and once they are contaminated with white sheets, they may not be easy to remove. At this time, bleach can be considered, because the principle of such solvents is to help the dirt to achieve the effect of oxidative removal. Makes white fabrics become whiter, and fabrics of other colors are more vivid and bright. But the dosage, time and water temperature of the whole bleaching process must be strictly controlled. Regardless of whether it is in the early stage of installation or during use, all components of the filter element machinery and related components should be regularly checked for serious wear, damage, and other failure problems. Remember to deal with them in a timely and efficient manner after discovering the problem.