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Multi-layer structure and process combination of carbon filter machine

Dec 17, 2018

The carbon filter cartridge machine is very suitable for the fully automatic control system in the process of use. It has the advantages of high efficiency, long service life and large output in use. The carbon filter cartridge machine mainly adopts the frequency conversion speed regulation system, which consumes low energy and wastes less. , high quality, stable performance, high precision filter. The multi-layer structure of the filter element can be realized by multi-layer water filtration.

Application field of carbon filter machine

Pure water manufacturing pretreatment, circulating cooling water, drinking water, laboratory water, boiler water, oil field water injection, chemical water, pharmaceutical, electroplating, printing, paint, color expansion, fuel, beer, beverage industry filtration.

The carbon filter machine passes through its special receiving device to a certain extent, so that the melt-blown ultrafine fibers can be formed into a coreless continuous infinitely long cylindrical body. By adjusting the process combination, the fiber diameter and density can be made in the radial direction of the filter barrel. A change has occurred to obtain a deep filtration product of various filtration properties.http://wxajmsfiltermachinery.com/