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Normal operation and precision requirements of GAC filter cartridge machine

Nov 24, 2017

GAC filter cartridge machine in the process of using only normal operation, so as to effectively prolong its service life, in the course of everyday use understand operating rules is very important, not only can make its function to the largest, also can extend the time of replacement of filter.

GAC filter cartridge machine work on boot need effective inspection before the mould and die set strength and accuracy should comply with the requirements, in the installation, under the premise of reliable fastening to boot, it is strictly prohibited in the operation of disassembly. It is critical to work at a constant speed in the process of transportation. Do not operate on the mechanical side of the machine.

In general, high quality GAC filter cartridge machines have longer service life, better products and higher efficiency. After the filter core equipment is used, the power will be cut off and the edges of the machine will be cleaned and the regular maintenance will be done.

GAC filter cartridge machine in use can be divided into automatic and semi-automatic two effective, fully automatic GAC filter machine is semi-automatic 2-3 times, so filter equipment manufacturers use fully automated production equipment are much than the semi-automatic take advantage, at the same time reduce the manpower and material resources, the production efficiency is greatly increased.

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