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Packaging and functional testing of winding filter

May 01, 2019

The main function of the outer film of the filter element in the process of using the winding filter element machine is pre-filtration.This process is accomplished by an automatic envelop machine.The staff only need to put the activated carbon and the pre-filter layer into the automatic envelop machine and start the automatic envelop machine. The machine will glue the pre-filter layer and wrap the pre-filter layer on the activated carbon.This step is not only easy to operate, but also very efficient, up to 11 seconds each. 

Function test of winding filter element machine

After the filter element is installed, the staff will combine the ultraviolet lamp and PCBA components and install them into the main body of the filter element, and then conduct functional tests on the electronic properties of the filter element, check the appearance and state of the filter element and make simple treatment.Each filter element must be 100% functionally confirmed. 

Winding filter core machine finished packaging

Filter elements that have passed the functional test shall be placed in the circulation box according to the stacking instructions and sent to the water purifier for assembly or replacement of filter elements. 

Automatic assembly of the main filter element manipulator

The activated carbon filter element that wraps the outer layer of the filter element enters a small enclosed space with the conveyor belt: the automatic assembly center.There are two yellow robots in the assembly center, the main assembly of the filter element of the water purifier is completely assembled by them.www.wxajmsfiltermachinery.com