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PP folding filter machine and PP spun melt blown filter machine for different purposes

Oct 02, 2019

 PP folding filter machine: [Typical use] 1. Filtration of various organic solvents in the pharmaceutical industry, compressed air gas filtration.  2. Pre-filtration of reverse osmosis water systems in the electronics industry.  3. Filter all kinds of wine, mineral water and pure water in food and beverage.  4. Liquid filtration of organic solvents, inks, plating solutions, metal cutting fluids, and photoresists.  5. Clarification filtration of sewage treatment.

 PP spun melt blown filter machine: [Typical use] 1. Pre-filtration or fine filtration front-end filtration of pure water system.  2. The coarse filtration of various beverages and alcohols in the food industry. 3, the pharmaceutical industry, the front-end filtration of the electronics industry filtration.  4. Clarification filtration of sewage treatment.